Le Tigre: On Tour

Hope North Ping Pong Benefit


Rufus Wainwright, Josh Ritter, Jesse Malin, Martha Wainwright and Charlie Mars

Presented by the Host Committee including celebrities such as
Forest and Keisha Whitaker
Julian Schnabel
Malaak and Chris Rock
Piper Perabo
Julianne Moore
Anna Lappé
Adrian Grenier
Bart Freundlich
Ellen Barkin
Jonathan Bricklin
Damon Cardasis
Tony Castle
Kate Duffy
Parker Ferguson
Andrew Gordon
Cynthia Hopkins
Roxy Hunt
Dorothy McGivney
Julie Panebianco
Franck Raharinosy
Chris Talbott
Taryn Vander Hoop
Rachel Yassky

Hope North


Sense and Sustainability

First Sight The Documentary

More to come…


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